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Clean Farm Families: A Farmer Lead Charge To Preserve The Milwaukee River Watershed

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Farmers at the first CFF Meeting at Melichar Broad Acres, Port Washington, Wisconsin. From left: Bob Roden, Mike Paulus, Joe Roden, Ken Falk, Jim Melichar, Dave Brunquell. Not pictured: Neal Maciejewski. Photo by Angie Doucette.


In late March 2016, the Milwaukee River Watershed Clean Farm Families Council was born.

This was the first time in thirty years that an organized group of farmers in this region had gathered to address water and soil conservation issues that affect their farms’ bottom-line.

Multiple ideas were generated by this group who would lead the farmer lead charge of helping preserve the farming lands of the Milwaukee River Watershed Area!

To learn more about the formation of Clean Farm Families see the below article by Angie Doucette of the Conservation Fund.


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