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Bare Ground Initiative

A connection between Agriculture and Community

by keeping Bare Ground Covered.

The Clean Farm Families realize that soil health can be improved on all ground, not just farm land.  This Initiative strives to connect tough ground owned by: Municipalities, Schools, Churches, parks and public areas and more, by partnering with them on soil health projects that KEEP BARE GROUND COVERED.

These projects could include: Planting a pollinator or native species habitat, seeding a critical sloped area, sponsoring a rain garden, fund educational events on soil health, farm "brown fields" in industrial park lots that are for sale, Incentivize tree and shrub plantings, support a village leaf cleanup event, etc.! 


The project opportunities are endless, and at the end of the day, it is about soil health.

If you are an Ozaukee County Resident, part of an entity looking to undertake a soil health project, and are looking for partners to complete this project, please reach out to us!

Mike Paulus - President

Matt Winker - Vice President

Sarah Kempen- Collaborator

Get in touch

NOSD Pollinator Habitat Project

Rachel Race, who is a Scientist in Residence with Ozaukee School District and Riveredge, approached the Clean Farm Families with a restoration project on campus to establish a pollinator and native species habitat.  It will serve as an outdoor classroom for her students during their science and ecology courses.


We are happy to be involved with youth in our community in this lasting way.  There are fewer farm kids in school today than a generation ago, and this is our way of starting that connection with agriculture and soil health!


Village of Fredonia Project

The Village of Fredonia reached out to Mike Paulus about sustainable ways to utilize the Village's Industrial Park.  As a Village they thought the industrial park lots should be utilized and not sit bare while they are on the market.  The Clean Farm Families and the Village came to an agreement to sponsor the site and to keep the soil living through no-till farming practices as to reduce erosion, until a lucky business can utilize the space.

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