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Interseeding: A New Practice To Improve Soil Health For Your Upcoming Corn Harvest

Inderseeded Clover just after the corn harvest...

If you’re farming in the Milwaukee River Watershed area, you’re probably feeling a little nervous right now…

Mother nature has been less than cooperative, and many haven’t even got in their fields to begin planting.

While you may have some long days ahead of you (hopefully soon), you may want to take this opportunity to begin improving your soil health and bottom line.

New Program Announcement:

Interseeding into corn, is a new program, just announced by the Clean Farm Families board that will allow you to establish a clover based cover crop mix that will improve soil health, increase nutrient cycling, protect your soil and prevent erosion.

Interseeding, as tested on the Peter Eskra farm in 2018, is the act of planting a clover blend cover crop mix between rows of early growing corn so that when you take your corn off, you’ve a healthy clover blend that preserves the land through the winter and allows you to plant your next year of corn into the nitrogen rich soil.

Interseeding will help you begin your path to healthy soils and fits into the four soil health principles:

The Four Soil Health Principles:

  1. Keep a living root growing throughout the year

  2. Manage soils by disturbing them less

  3. Keep the soil covered as much as possible

  4. Use plant diversity to increase diversity in soil

If you’d like more information or you’d like to have some interseeding done on your farm, there’s incentives to doing it through the Clean Farm Families program.

The Incentives of The Clean Farm Families Interseeding Program:

  1. Use of the Clean Farm Families interseeder for a low fee ($12 per acre, plus fuel).

  2. This price includes includes seeder, tractor, and driver!

  3. ½ of the cover crop seed provided up to 35 acres.

  4. A smoother surface for harvesting

  5. No need to work up before and after winter

  6. Nitrogen rich soil for planting in Sprint 2020

For more information on the program contact Jim & Andy by filling out the form here:

Interseeding Clover Blend Program. <== Click Here To Sign-up

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