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Spreading the Word in Phosphorus Adapative Management

This blog post is spreading the word about the growing Phosphorus Adaptive Management Program of the Village of Grafton.

If you farm land located within this mapped watershed, you may be eligible to join this Phosphorus Reduction Incentive Program with a $10/acre payment. The goal is to reduce Phosphorus and sediment load into the Milwaukee River.

As a farmer in this qualifying watershed area, you can play a part in Phosphorus reduction with the following practices. Planting cover crops in fall establishing 50% ground cover, maintaining a living cover crop that includes a living grass or winter cereal through the first 2 weeks of April, or maintaining 50% or more residue and cover through June. These practices must be measured through your annual Nutrient Management Plan and those reports must be submitted to qualify for the $10/acre incentive payment. If you don't have a Nutrient Management Plan, you should! Not only would you be eligible for these incentives, but you would have a great record of how to best manage your farm and its nutrients!

If you feel your land is within this watershed, and your cover crops qualify you for the $10/acre incentive payment AND have a Nutrient Management Plan, get in contact with any of the partners below!

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