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NOSD Pollinator Prairie Community Day June 4, 2023

We are excited to share this event as we were honored to be a part of this prairie restoration! In fall of 2022, Rachel Race (a Scientist in Residence of Northern Ozaukee School District) heard about the Clean Farm Families and their Bare Ground Initiative, and reached out to begin a collaborative effort in converting 10 acres to native habitat and pollinator seeding-prairie at the Ozaukee High School. This eco-friendly area will be utilized as an outdoor classroom and open area for the community to enjoy.

The Benefits the Bare Ground Initiative brings is tenfold! Keeping Bare Ground green, growing and covered, preserves the soils nutrients and moisture and reduces runoff pollution! The Clean Farm Families began this initiative in 2022 as a way to expand these benefits from more than just farm fields, but to fields that the community uses and benefits from daily.

The Clean Farm Families are proud to sponsor this Prairie restoration and applaud NOSD, NRCS, Riveredge and all the partners involved to do such a great thing for the community, youth and environment. We hope to see you at the event!

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