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New Soil Health Incentives for 2022

New to the Clean Farm Families Soil Health Initiative are practices targeted for Planting green into growing cover crops, helping aspiring graziers to establish proper grazing systems, Converting old Ag Equipment to lesser soil disturbance and to increase the number of Nutrient Tests being done in our county! Alongside Cover Crops and No-Till, Low disturbance manure applications and Harvestable Buffers, these practices in combination will positively impact your soils' ability to hold water, nutrients and your wheel traffic across the field. Over time, soil health practices bring longevity, sustainability and a thriving biological system to the field!

Planting Green - $35.00/ac. Plant your crops directly into your growing cover crop, allow this cover crop to smother your weed pressures early on while leaving the soil less disturbed than tilling that cover under.

Establish Grazing - $3,000 stipend. This practice is really exciting to our Natural Resources Committee, to existing graziers and those looking to begin a business in livestock. With this practice we want to extend education and outreach to an ag business that is not so well understood or researched in Southeast Wisconsin. We see that start up knowledge and costs are needed to graze responsibly and profitably, and our newly formed Grazing Network is here to help! The stipend may cover qualified landowners in costs like, but not limited to: Fencing, Water Systems, Seed, Pasture Management etc.

Equipment Conversion Program - $2,000 stipend. Farming equipment is both in large demand and short supply this year. This program aims to update existing equipment to that of lesser soil disturbance.

Nutrient Testing - $100/test. Nutrient analysis tests used to make recommendations on nutrient applications, and to better understand the overall plant health, are relatively inexpensive yet are and under-used value to many farms. This incentive encourages growers to test nutrients in manure, plant tissue, soil nitrates, and even biomass.

If you feel you qualify for any incentives or are interested to learn more, contact Katie Werner at Ozaukee County Land & Water or your neighboring producers with Clean Farm Families!

Katie Werner


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