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Jim Melichar Soil Health Award

The Clean Farm Families' foundation was built in part with the leadership of its first President, the late Jim Melichar. He led the group in advocating for soil health and improved water quality by promoting the soil health principles; the very principles he practiced on his own farm.

In his honor, the Clean Farm Families would like to award a member of the community for outstanding work in advancing agriculture by improving soil health and water quality. This award includes a plaque and recognition for their efforts in the agriculture community.

Applications for the annual Jim Melichar Soil Health Award can be found at the link below. Applications will be accepted until December 31, and the award will be presented during the Annual Soil Health Workshop on February 9th.

Nominate someone who....

Strives to be the best steward of their land

Makes efforts to better soil health and water quality

Takes pride on their farm and community

To nominate someone, please visit the Clean Farm Families Website

for the award application, and return it to

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