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Clean Farm Family Updates: Updated Clean Farm Families Map & Expanded Board

Some very exciting news out of Clean Farm Families today as we are announcing a new updated Clean Farm Families project area, an expansion of our board, as well as a new project mission.

Starting with the new map:

The new map includes all of Ozaukee County excluding the area covered by our friends and partners in the mission to offer a better way to preserve our national resources and work together to get more from our land, the Cedar Creek Farmer Group.

This change will make it easier to identify if you are in our project area. As always, all are welcome to attend our events if you have interest educating yourself about cover crops, conversation tillage, low-disturbance manure injection, and other land saving conservation practices to preserve the environment, improve the farmers bottom line, and promote local agriculture.

Our Expanded Board:

The board has grown to include a spectrum of agriculture experts, farmer and friends of the farming community. The new board includes:

CFF Board: (Front Row From Left To Right) Mike Paulus of Paulus Dairy Farm, Joe Roden of Roden Farms, Jim Melichar of Melichar Broad Acres, Bob Roden of Roden Echo Valley, LLC.

(Back Row From Left To Right), Brian Vorpagel, Marvin Kolbach of Kolbach Farms LLC, Ken Falk of Farmers’ Implement, Neal Maciejewski, Matt Winker of Redline Dairy Farm, LLC, Dave Brunnquell of Century Acres.

Collaborators Include: Andy Holschbach of Ozaukee County Land and Water, and Angie Doucette of The Conservation Fund.

Updated Project Mission:

While it's not a huge change, it's an important one. Our mission statement was Farmers Working Together to Improve Soil Health and Water Quality throughout Milwaukee River Watershed. Now the updated mission is Farmers Working Together to Improve Soil Health and Water Quality throughout Ozaukee County. This new mission includes all of Ozaukee County including the Milwaukee River Watershed that runs through our county.

We are excited to announce this changes and are happy to welcome you to an upcoming event!

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