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Clean Farm Families Holds Field Day & Presentation To The County Board

June 30 a soil-health field day

The Milwaukee River Watershed-Clean Farm Families along with the Ozaukee County Demonstration Farm Network hosted June 30 a soil-health field day. More than 80 participated in the event.

Topics included: planting green, interseeding cover crops, herbicide options, seed selection, timing, farmer testimonials and soil health based on infiltration rates and soil structure.

Erin Silva, an associate professor in the Department of Plant Pathology, and Anne Pfeiffer, an on-farm research-network program manager, both with the University of Wisconsin-Madison, discussed what seems to work best with planting green and interseeding.

Presentation To The Ozaukee County Board

Representatives from Clean Farm Families and the Ozaukee County Demonstration Farm Network gave presentations July 21 to the Ozaukee County Board. Mike Patin, district conservationist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service, used the soil-health trailer to provide an excellent presentation on soil health. Andy Holschbach, director of the Ozaukee County Land & Water Management Department, provided a presentation on the biology of plants and soils. Also giving presentations were Matthew Winker and Michael Paulus, both representing Clean Farm Families. An enthusiastic county board, farmers and staff had a great day recognizing the water-quality and crop-productivity benefits of healthy soils.

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