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Celebrating Excellence in Sustainable Agriculture: This Year's Winner of the Jim Melichar Soil Health Award

The Clean Farm Families' foundation was built in part with the leadership of its first President, the late Jim Melichar. He led the group in advocating for soil health and improved water quality by promoting the soil health principles; the very principles he practiced on his own farm.

Each year at the Clean Farm Families Annual Soil Health Workshop, Jim is honored and the nominated winner is announced. This person is presented with a plaque in recognition for their outstanding work in advancing agriculture by improving soil health and water quality.

This year's winner is... Brian Huiras Sr.!

Brian started no-tilling all of his fields 16 years ago! Some other noteworthy information about Brian is his use of multi-species cover crops after wheat harvest, his manure storage facility and barnyard runoff practices, participation in the Working Soils Program, and his win of the Ozaukee County Outstanding Conservation Farm of the Year award.

Brian is always more than willing to share his experiences. He takes pride on his farm and community. Therefore, the efforts he takes to better soil health and water quality, and to be the best steward of his land, deserves to be recognized. We could not be more honored to present such an award to this amazing leader in our agricultural community. CONGRATULATIONS BRIAN!

If you have a nomination you would like to share for 2024, please fill out the information here:

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