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2021 Winter Wheat Cover Crop Results

The no-till wheat with a cover crop out-yielded the conventional planted wheat by 10 bushel/acre.

Winter-wheat plots were harvested this summer at the Clean Farm Families demonstration site along Wisconsin Highway 57 south of Fredonia, Wisconsin. The group is comparing soil-health plots and conventionally farmed plots for long-term results – profitability, crop yield and changes in soil.

Winter wheat harvested from the soil-health demonstration plot – featuring no-till with cover crops – yielded 10 bushels per acre more than the wheat harvested from the conventional plot. The latter plot was tilled and has no cover crops. The wheat from the soil-health plot yielded 72 bushels per acre while the wheat from the conventional plot yielded 61.9 bushels per acre.

To see a full write-up on the results of this cover crop comparison, you can find a full write-up Agri-View Ag Update article "Winter-wheat, cover plots tested"

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