Corn Planting Clover Mix Inter-Seeding Program

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Planting a clover blend between you rows of growing corn preserves the land through the winter and allows you to plant your next year of corn into the nitrogen rich soil.  

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Andy Holschbach  |  |  262-284-8271

2019 Clover Mix Inter-Seeding Program Incentive Details

Use of equipment

Use of the Clean Farm Families seeder for a low fee

($12 per acre, plus fuel). This price includes includes seeder, tractor, and driver! 

Reimbursement for seed purchase

Reimbursed of 50% of the cost of seed for up to 35 acres.

Improving Land Conditions

Reimbursed of 50% of the cost of seed for up to 35 acres. 
A smoother surface for harvesting
No need to work up before and after winter
Nitrogen rich soil for planting in Sprint 2020

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The Clean Farm Families Initiative Is Still Accepting Applicants For The Upcoming Growing Season...

Andy Holschbach  |  |  262-284-8271

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