Clean Farm
Families Cover Crop Initiative

The Ozaukee County Clean Farm Families is offering
incentive payments to producers for water quality and soil health conservation practices. The CFF’s incentive programs are a first-come, first-served basis for farmers with land in the CFF Project Area. Qualifying farmers will be reimbursed for practices following implementation and a confirmation site visit by Ozaukee County Land and Water Management Department and the CFF Board.

For additional details on obtaining funding,
please contact Jeff Bell at the contact information listed below.

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2021 Conservation Practice Incentive Payments

The maximum cost share is $1500/farm for the practices listed below.

Cover Crops

First time on a field $20/ac., Second time on a field is $35/ac.

Low-disturbance Manure Application


Conservation Tillage Practice Incentive

$15/acre for the 1st year of no-till, $10/ac for the 2nd year of no-till

Nutrient Management Plan Coupon

$18/acre for certified plans 

Harvestable Buffers


Split Nitrogen Application

$5/acre up to $500 per farm

Photo Caption: John Lanser interseeding the Clean Farm Famlies Eskra test plot on 6/16/2020.


Ozaukee County has inter seeder available for rent at $14/acre. Interseeder comes with tractor and driver. Call Jeff Bell at 262-483-2675 for details. This interseeder converts to a no-till drill for planting cover crops following the harvest of wheat, etc.


Interseeder / No Till Drill Rental

Ozaukee County has Interseeder / No Till Drill available for rent. 
The price is $14/acre and includes tractor, planter & driver. 

Contact Jeff Bell At The Information Below: 

Jeff Bell  | jbell@co.ozaukee.wi.us262-483-2675


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