Fall 2019 Clean Farm

Families Cover Crop Initiative

Join The 2019 Clean Farm Famlies Cover Crop Program: 

The Milwaukee River Watershed Clean Farm Families initiative is offering incentive payments to producers for water quality and soil health conservation practices.


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Andy Holschbach  |  aholschbach@co.ozaukee.wi.us  |  262-284-8271

2019 Clean Farm
Families Initiative
Incentive Payments

Cover Crops

$35/acre up to $2,000 per producer

Low-disturbance Manue Application

$50/hour up to 10 hours per producer

Conservation Tillage Practice Incentive

$15/acre up to $1,500 for no-till, strip-till, ridge-till, mulch-till

Nutrient Management Plan Coupon

$18/acre for certified plans up to $1,000 per producer

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The Clean Farm Families Initiative Is Still Accepting Applicants For The Upcoming Growing Season...

Jim Melichar  |  jpmelichar@gmail.com  |  262-206-1731

Andy Holschbach  |  aholschbach@co.ozaukee.wi.us  |  262-284-8271

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